New teen center to arrive at MV community


Tom Ashkenazi

The Mountain View Youth Advisory Committee’s initiative to transform The Rock Church on Escuela Avenue into a teen friendly facility has become a reality. As early as the 2013 school year, the new city-funded teen center will be complete with enhanced amenities and will serve as a focal point for a variety of teen activities.

“I’m excited about lots of opportunities in this facility [and] the high presence of teen groups,” Kristine Pardini, Mountain View’s Recreation Coordinator, said.

The improved facilities, which include a kitchen, game-room, patio, computer lab and lounge area, have been a source of excitement for the Youth Advisory Committee ever since the teen center was approved by the city council last December.

“The facilities will be open to all MVHS students after school” Pardini said, expecting the teen center to become a center of teenage activity.

“I think the idea of a teen center is a great idea,” MVHS sophomore Joe Fisher said, looking for new places to hang out and spend time with friends.

The facility is expected to replace its older, more crowded predecessor. Plans are already under way to incorporate local clubs, extracurricular activities and classes into the new teen center. While many local teen centers are relatively unknown and lack activities, the MV teen center, according to Pardini, is expected to be a lively space that will be run by the YAC, a leadership organization that is run by local teens and is geared toward teen issues.

“Having a place that is safe [and] fun is a great thing for teens.” Fisher said, looking forward to something that will enhance his every day life and serve as a place to engage in after school activities or relax on Saturday nights.