Bike accident shakes up local community

Cerys Holstege

On Wednesday, September 12 before second period, a student biking to school was hurt in a bike accident when turning onto Truman Avenue off of Bryant Avenue.

The student, a sophomore boy who wishes to remain anonymous, broke two of his left wrist bones and was taken by ambulance to El Camino Hospital.

The accident occurred when two bicyclists were rounding the corner of Bryant and Truman and the bicyclist in the front stopped suddenly. The student, who was in the back, slammed on his brakes and went over his handlebars; his wrist was broken when he used it to brace his fall.

Mountain View High School campus security arrived at the scene and “worked with the student to keep him calm until paramedics arrived,” said MVHS Principal Mr. Moody. District fire was the first to arrive, and they splinted his wrist to immobilize it. The student’s mother arrived at the same time the ambulance did, and he was then taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The morning traffic on Truman between Oak Avenue and Bryant Avenue is notoriously chaotic. Sophomore Conner Levy, who bikes to school on a daily basis, mentioned his concerns, commenting that “drivers don’t always yield to bikers and pedestrians, and some kids aren’t aware of the rules of the road.”

MVHS administration is well aware of these issues, and “campus security is in the area during the mornings to be vigilant to people breaking the rules,” said Moody. As administration has no jurisdiction with parents, they have alerted the Mountain View Police Department to the issue and requested squad cars be in the area during periods of high traffic. However, the Police Department is disinclined to give tickets and often lets people off with just a warning.