Maya’s Mixtape: Atlantic Shore


Maya Jayaram

About The Band:
This up-and-coming indie pop-rock band from London, England consists of lead singer and guitarist Dan Noble, backing vocalist and bassist Will Tse, percussionist Ed Juniper, and guitarist Dan Sullivan. Noble, Tse, and Juniper met through school, and Sullivan joined a year after the band began producing music. Atlantic Shore’s debut single “Stay Here” was released in January 2015, and the band then toured with British alternative rock band Amber Run. The group remains unsigned to a record label, writing and producing its own music instead.

Why You Should Listen:
I discovered Atlantic Shore while scrolling through one of my favorite music blogs, and was immediately drawn to their incredibly bright and intricate sound. Atlantic Shore’s music may seem fairly conventional; many aspects of their songs resemble those of well-known indie pop-rock bands such as Magic Man, Atlas Genius, and Bleachers. However, their dreamlike and clean sound is particularly captivating, and the instruments are perfectly blended with the vocals and effects.
Atlantic Shore’s song “Wired Awake,” which is their newest track, was the first song of theirs I heard, and it immediately caught my attention. The song has clean and thick rhythm guitar, simple electric guitar riffs, and light synth. The percussion is crisp, and the low end (bass) is carried forward by understated bass guitar lines. “Wired Awake” is one of my favorites of Atlantic Shore’s, because it has incredibly catchy lyrics and an uplifting tone. You can listen to “Wired Awake” below:

Another song by Atlantic Shore that is less uplifting, rather, more calming, is “Easier”. The track’s instrumental progression is similar to that of many indie pop-rock bands, yet it is the vocals that make this song stand out. When I first heard Atlantic Shore’s song “Easier”, the vocals captivated me, and I could not stop listening to the track over and over. It’s not as though I haven’t listened to songs with the same effects, but it’s something about the way the effects are applied to the instruments that makes “Easier” so intriguing. Listen to “Easier” whenever you feel even mildly stressed, or need to clear your mind:

Another great song. Listen to “The Comedown” for some more of Atlantic Shore:

More About The Band:
In an interview with Backstage Tales, vocalist Dan Noble elaborated on how he finds lyrical inspiration:
“A lot of the lyrics I write are about my life. They’re less literal describing events though, it’s more about trying to convey the head space I’m in when I start writing a song. Like, getting the music and the feel of the song to really capture a state of mind. Even if it’s not the lyrics someone’s relating to, they can listen and get the emotional vibe,” Noble said.