Sheli Yaskin

This article is a continuation of the FBLA business article featured on the Oracle focus page.

Basic business skills are applicable to most careers is the modern day world, and MVHS students can start training for these skills early with new club Business, Entrepreneurship, and Math.

Ron Miasnik, a junior at MVHS, is introducing a new club on campus called Business, Entrepreneurship, and Math (BEAM), to allow MVHS students to learn about the fundamentals of business. Then, BEAM plans to contact local businesses and allow members to apply their basic business knowledge by working with the companies. The program also aims to work closely with FBLA to encourage guest speakers from professional firms and businesses to attend meetings and present lessons.

Everyone is invited to come to the guest speaker presentations to learn, however, there is an application to apply to the part of the club that includes internships and working with businesses.

Misanik plans for students in BEAM to create proposals to implement changes for local companies, and students can work with the company to implement them during internship programs. Students research and network to help solve any problems the local business might have or use their skills to the company’s advantage, whether it be social media, teen engagement, etc.

Students partnering with local business allows them to prepare themselves for real-world situations, and make connections in the Mountain View community, according to Miasnik.

“Students in the club work with a variety of businesses and create their own adventures… if a student is interested in learning about the real world, and utilizing [this knowledge] to make an impact in the community, then (BEAM) is a great opportunity for them, ” Miasnik said

BEAM already has been implemented at GUNN, and inspired Mountain View to implement the club. BEAM club founders are also looking to expand their programs to other high schools in the Bay Area.


Presenting the 2015-2016 BEAM elected executive board:

Ron Miasnik-CEO

Karen Xia- COO (chief operating officers)

Albert Zhang- CFO (chief financial officer)

Leah Lam- CMO (chief marketing officer)

McClane Howland

Samritha Nagesh

Vicky Semenina

Eric Wong

Javin Lu


Internship application:

Interested student survey:

Contact: [email protected]