ASB next year, with Natalie Lillie


Stefano Scotti

Oracle recently sat down with next year’s Associated Student Body President Natalie Lillie to talk about ASB’s future goals. Here’s what Lillie had to say about several next year’s big issues. (Please note that these are preliminary ideas, as ASB has not finished planning for the next year.)

1. What will ASB’s main goal be going into next year?

ASB is the Associated Student Body; it’s a representative of the people. I want ASB to be a liaison group for the students to the community, teachers, and staff on campus and to the board in order to bring up key issues. Advertising big events is something we will continue to work on, and communication is key. We want to make people feel at home!

2. How will ASB work to achieve this goal?

For communication, we’re going to work on making e-lists more available. We’re doing this through in-class sign-ups, mainly because most people to sign-up at home. Posters are a big way to spread information, so we’re picking key spots on campus where we feel people hang out the most to put them up. In order to create a safe space on campus, I want to create a Camp Everytown-life committee that would bring some of the camp spirit back to campus.

3. How do you feel about next year’s cabinet? What are you excited for? How do you feel about the amount of new faces?

I am thrilled to be working with the people I’m working with. Kevin Chan (ASB vice-president) will be an incredible asset to work with, along with Annie and Sam and everyone else. Additionally, I understand that being thrown into a leadership class without prior experience can be be difficult, but people come together and bond quickly. Newer members also bring a different perspective to ASB, and I think that when you’re new, you want to try your hardest and put your best foot forward. I appreciate that about our new members.

4. In a recent article, we talked about the importance of ASB involvement in middle schools to including more minority students in leadership. What kind of middle school outreach is

ASB planning on doing next year?

Next Wednesday, on the 21st I’m organizing an event where the Graham leadership class comes to MVHS. We are planning on getting to know the kids, having them sit in on class to see what ASB is about, making posters with them, and talking with them on why they should continue to pursue leadership. We’re planning on continuing this tradition, and reaching out to other schools such as Crittenden middle school.

5. How do you plan on handling the lack of school spirit at MVHS?

One of my big things is encouraging participation at events. I think lunchtime activities are hard to promote because people like to go out to lunch or do their own things. I love going to schools concerts and sports events, so I will focus on actively encouraging more attendance at these events. I feel that these events encourage lots of school spirit, unity, and appreciation of what people do. The senior class can also have a big impact, and I want to encourage seniors to participate in events as role models to the underclassmen.

6. How will ASB work to include more minority and underrepresented students in school activities, clubs, and government?

As representatives of the school, we’re all for students coming to us for how they want to be represented. I also want to push awareness of important cultural dates, such as Cinco de Mayo. That being said, ASB is very aware if something can be potentially offensive, whether it’s a name or activity. Earlier this year, we found out the term “Powderpuff” football could be offensive to girls, and because we respect that, we opted to change the name to girl’s flag football.

7. What changes are being made to the ASB summer retreat?

We originally signed up for core camp, but scratched the idea because it was too expensive for a four day retreat, and a lot of people couldn’t make it. After talking to Mr. Darby, we decided to make a radical change and planned our own two day retreat at MVHS. We’re planning on sleeping in the library, planning events and activities useful for the year ahead, and bringing the new member up to speed. It’ll be a huge bonding experience!