Girls volleyball loses to Summit Shasta


Charlie Schwartz, Staff Writer

The varsity girls volleyball team played their second game against Summit Shasta High School at home on Tuesday. The Spartans led the first set until the very end when Summit Shasta took the lead, and won 25-27.

“We were in every set, we lost every set by two points, and we just need to stop making some errors,” Head Coach Dave Winn said.

Assistant Coach Casey Van Wandelen added that the team needs to work on their serving, due to them missing 14 serves during the game.

MVHS and Summit Shasta were neck to neck until the very end of the second set, when Summit Shasta stole the set with a score of 23-25.

“We have five seniors and we have a lot of other people that we can try and work in the offense,” Winn said.

MVHS had two injured starters, which senior Amelia Kopp said contributed to the loss.


According to Coach Dave, outside hitters sophomore Addy Kopp and senior Amelia Kopp starred in the game.

“Millie served really tough, hit efficiently, and got us a bunch of kills, and she played really hard,” Coach Dave said.

Middle blocker, sophomore Emmy Thomander also had a strong performance.

“When she swings it’s a kill,” said Van Wandelen.


MVHS lost the third set 23-25, ending the game with a victory for Summit Shasta. 

“We played with a lot of energy, but we played way too sloppy and had too many errors against a team that played way more efficiently than we did,” said Winn.