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Artists of the week: New Year’s edition


Winter break has officially come to an end.  As we begrudgingly throw out the remaining christmas cookies and desperately try to rectify our skewed sleeping patterns, we ring in the new year by making resolutions to ourselves.  Whether your goal for this year is to stop procrastinating (good joke), or to begin working out, it’s time to get excited.  Below is a playlist of inspiring songs to accompany your inevitable success in completing these goals.


1. Feel Good Inc.-The Gorillaz

Nearly a decade old, this song blends rap and rock to create a lively tune, complete with intermittent cackling and electronic undertones.


2. I Don’t Care-Fall Out Boy

Legend says that if you combine a pinch of anger, a cup of rebellion, and a vat of punk, Fall Out Boy will materialize before your eyes!  True to it’s title, ‘I Don’t Care’ exemplifies FOB’s sound and provides insight without being preachy.


3. The Coast is Always Changing-Maximo Park

Everything is always changing, so don’t limit yourself this next year.


4. Mr. Blue Sky-Electric Light Orchestra

You’ll impress your parents by playing this 1978 song, because let’s be real, positivity is timeless.  ELO knew what was up with this line: “Where once was pity, Mr. Blue Sky is living here today.”


5. Float On-Modest Mouse

The quirkiness of Modest Mouse is less apparent in ‘Float On,’ one of their more popular songs, but the band’s personality bleeds through the unique music video.


6. Second Chance-Peter Bjorn and John

“You can’t can’t count on a second chance,” but you can count on the fresh slate of the second semester.


7. Next Year-Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club is semi-electric, semi-pop, and entirely wonderful.  Get excited for the future, but stop making excuses: make ‘next year’ this year.


8. On the Brightside-Never Say Never

This cute, simple song offers a tremendous amount of insight in only two minutes.  Think ‘children’s story in song form.’


9. We Will Rock You-Queen

If hearing the familiar ‘stamp-stamp-clap’ rhythm of this classic song doesn’t get you off your feet, you may have to do some intense personal reflection, because if ‘We Will Rock You’ doesn’t get you pumped, I’m not sure anything will.


10. Right Back At It Again-A Day To Remember

Get in a mosh pit and channel your inner Jeremy McKinnon (ADTR’s lead singer.)  Get up, get excited, and don’t give up.


11. Move Along-All American Rejects

If you ever fall off a treadmill, this is song is very applicable.  And comical.  It also applies to pretty much every other aspect of life.


12. Here Comes the Sun-The Beatles

If you’re feeling exceptionally excited to jump into this year, you could wake up early to watch the sunrise while listening to this song.


13. We’re Not Gonna Take It-Twisted Sister

Gender inequality? We’re not gonna take it! Racism? We’re not gonna take it! Laziness? We’re not gonna take it!  Pull a Gandhi and be the change you wish to see in the world (while you’re rocking out to the guitar solo.)


14. The Castle Builders-La Dispute

Stop letting the fear of failure hold you back.  Take the leap. “We are not our failures/We are love”


15. Life’s What You Make It-Hannah Montana

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who know all the words to this song, and liars.


16. Hold on Till May-Pierce the Veil

Technically, we have to hold on until June 6th, but close enough.  Listen to Vic Fuentes (PTV’s lead singer), though: “Darling you’ll be okay.”  If he believes in you, it has to be true.


17. Fergalicious-Fergie

We all have an inner Fergie.


18. Hold On-Go Radio

It’s so important to remember that we all deserve friendship, love, and happiness, and this song serves as a nice reminder that we are worth it.


19. Don’t Stop Believing-Journey

Wait, this song isn’t by Glee?


20. Holding On To You-Twenty One Pilots

“Fight it. Take the pain, ignite it.” All your hardships make you who you are; learn from them and grow from them. This year will be the best one yet if you believe in yourself and have a good attitude.

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