Meet Kip Glazer, next year’s principal

Meet Kip Glazer, next year’s principal

Kaitlyn Knopf, Print People Editor

Newly appointed principal Kip Glazer hopes to start next year off strong by implementing what may excite fans of Kahoot and Quizlet Live: game-based learning. 

Glazer is currently the principal at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara, California. Prior to that position, she was the site administrator, district level Instructional Technology coach, and a classroom teacher. 

Having family in the Oakland area and wanting to focus more on technology, Glazer decided to apply once she saw the opportunity open up at MVHS. 

“My husband asked me to get us closer to family, which was the biggest reason. And again, Mountain View is such a great school and I studied gaming and learning technologies. That’s what I have my doctorate in. So I know Silicon Valley is that area that has lots of opportunities,” Glazer said. 

Photo courtesy of Kip Glazer

In her doctoral program, Glazer was required to take a gaming class where she learned about game-based learning. 

“Game-based learning means applying the principles of gaming into learning environments…Ultimately, I believe that students being encouraged to be the creator of the content is the ultimate goal because then you can demonstrate your mastery of something that you learned,” she said. 

Glazer hopes to use game-based learning while working with the students and staff.

“There is a way of being when you are positive and playful that learning can actually accelerate. So I would love an opportunity to speak with the kids and, and students and families about the positive aspect of play and fun and game-based learning as we get to know each other,” Glazer said. 

Glazer’s first priority once arriving in the fall is to get to know the student families and the staff members and hear their concerns.

“I think I could have the best ideas, but if it’s not something that is appropriate for the community, then it will be a struggle. I do love working with other folks and being collaborative.” Glazer said. 

She said she said she is excited to learn about the school’s culture and to be challenged in a different environment. 

“Every time there’s a change, you grow. When I was a doctoral student, we had this project called “learning something new.” By putting myself in a completely different environment, I’m going to learn something new,” Glazer said. 

Photo courtesy of Kip Glazer

After the pandemic, Glazer hopes for a typical school year of students focusing on learning and preparing for life after high school, rather than COVID-19 management. 

Outside of her profession, Glazer likes to stay active in order to help her mental health; in the past, she’s taken up activities like Jujitsu. 

“I try to take care of myself. So everyday I try to work out at least 30 minutes to an hour because I think it helps with stress relief,” she said. 

Throughout her career, Glazer said she has always been focused on high school students, and helping them grow.

“[Highschool students] are so funny, witty, full of hope and possibilities,” she said. “I look forward to learning from our students about the community that they grew up in and the future that they aspire.”