Spartans win against Los Gatos in toe-to-toe boys varsity soccer game


Charles Schwartz

Supporters lined up against the bleachers ready to watch MVHS Spartans v. Los Gatos Cats. The game started off slow but the Spartans eventually stole the show with a 2–0 victory.

Each team struggled to get any shots off, as both teams pushed each other to their limits. According to Julian Hsein, it was difficult to score any goals during the first half because the other team “parked the bus,” a term for when a team plays in a defensive formation in which many of their players guarded the goal to prevent any points.

The first shot on goal was by the Spartans at about nine minutes into the first half. There was a breakaway through the Los Gatos defense resulting in a shot that veered right and nearly went in. The Spartans connected many passes in the back, keeping possession for most of the first half.

It was a mellow game for each team until #56 on the Los Gatos Cats fouled one of the Spartans and received a yellow card. As a result, he was subbed out with one minute left in the first half. It went 0–0 in the first half of the game.

One of the players on the Cats at halftime said, “Can we get it out of our half, seriously,” showing how well the Spartans were able to keep the possession in the first half. 

 Hsein was able to score a goal with an assist from forward Taaran Chohan with 20 minutes left on the clock. Then there was a second goal scored near the end of the second half, resulting in a victory for the Spartans. 

In the end, the Spartans beat the Cats, making their win percentage 71%, making their record 9–3–2 on the season.

“I think it’s been like two and a half games since we scored a goal, but we’ve been really playing well,” coach Jim McGuirk said. “So sometimes it’s just about effort and desire.”