COVID-19 protocol updated


Kevin Chien

In the last week alone, there has been a spike of eight positive COVID-19 cases among MVLA students and staff, according to the MVLA COVID-19 Dashboard. However, there has been no evidence of a COVID-19 outbreak within the school campuses. 

In response to these recent cases, the school has adjusted its COVID-19 protocols, encouraging families to take more precautionary measures. A recent email sent by the MVLA COVID-19 Designee Team highlighted these adjustments and served as a reminder of existing protocols. 

The change mostly reflects the increased accessibility of testing at the school. Now, when students are identified as close contacts, they will be directly escorted from class to test on designated dates. Students who would like to be tested on-site should sign up with Inspire Diagnostics.

The email also lists several precautionary actions to take as the colder months approach and as the number of in-person gatherings increases. 

Such actions include getting your booster shot if you are eligible, testing five days after you attend an indoor event—especially if masks are off—and calling (925) 788-3038 immediately if you test positive.