6 Apps to help you survive high school

6 Apps to help you survive high school

Avni Singhal

1. Rescue Time

Rescue Time allows you to block certain websites for a specific amount of time and log how much time you spend on different sites. It claims to give you back around 4 hours a week that you would have otherwise spent on social media.


2. Freedom

Freedom for Mac and Windows lets you block out distractions from a few minutes to several hours at a time by not allowing you to use the Internet. To cheat, you have to reboot your laptop.


3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy can basically tutor you in any subject. If you are struggling in any subject, especially math or science, studying for STAR tests, or cramming for the SAT, you can find a specific video to help you. The targeted videos are straightforward and make the most incomprehensible topics seem simple.


4. Studious

Studious helps you organize everything you need for all of your classes and activities, acting as a day planner and assignment calendar. It gives you notifications when you need to work on projects and can even silence your phone for you during specific classes. It can have your daily homework, class notes, projects due, and test dates.


5. The Official SAT Question of the Day

The Official SAT Question of the Day from the makers of the SAT, The College Board, gives you a question each day from all three sections of the SAT – Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing.  It gives you complete explanations for every wrong answer choice and lets you browse through the last week’s questions along with your answers.


6. EasyBib

EasyBib is the most popular bibliography making tool, available both as an app and on a website. It can instantly cite books, websites, journals, and more, in any style (MLA, APA, or Chicago).