Word on the Street: Government Shutdown

Word on the Street:  Government Shutdown

India Flinchum

As most of us are aware, the United States federal government was officially shut down midnight of October 1st due to congress failing to agree on government funding.  The heated and fiery debate rupturing from both the Democratic and Republican political parties is preventing any progress from being made and any consensus from being reached.  I interviewed 4 members of the Mountain View High School community, selected randomly,  in order to better understand their reactions, opinions, and individual  stances on the issue.

Here’s what they had to say:

Marian Strong (Senior):

“When I think of the government shutting down I think of how there is a lot of tension between the two political parties…it reminds me of George Washington’s farewell speech when he was done being president and how he warned the country that we should not have political parties and how it would create a lot of division in our country….this is what it has come to.”

Lakshya Jain (Junior):

“I personally think it is absolutely ridiculous, shutting down the entire government and endangering the economy two weeks short of the upcoming deadline for raising the budget ceiling. It’s ridiculous and puts the entire American economy in danger.  Frankly, I don’t think [the congress] are even working for the people anymore. I think [they] are just working for their own parties and their own respective bests.”

Gabriella Brown (Senior)

“I think the government shutdown is unfortunate because of the people it’s affecting and the fact that it was completely avoidable… but other than that it only really is another example of how immature and inadequate our current government is at providing leadership at a time when we have a lot going on…I just think it really hurts the US’s image in foreign policy and just the amount to which Obama has been able to provide leadership…there is a very small minority of Republicans who are essentially holding the country hostage over a law that was passed completely, that has been constitutionally reviewed and approved by the american people…I think hopefully it will get some of the more rational people to start voting and maybe kick the Tea Party out of the republican party and then we can go back to some regular politics.”

Frank Navarro (MVHS World Studies and European History AP teacher)

“Shutting down the government over the prospect of ending healthcare reform (Obamacare) by the Republicans is outrageous. Obamacare was considered constitutional by the Supreme Court.  President Obama ran on it and he was reelected on it… President Obama has brought down the debt…he passed something he promised he would pass…and  now the Republicans would like to see it ended…it (the government shutdown) could possibly take us into financial catastrophe if the debt ceiling is not raised we have serious economic problems.”