11 Signs That You’re a High School Junior

11 Signs That You’re a High School Junior

Veda Sunkara

Well, it’s that year of our lives. The one that they all warn us about. The year of terror and tests. The year of twelve all-nighters in a row. But, let’s be honest. We’ve already been through puberty (well, most of us, anyway), and nothing could possibly be more awkward and humiliating than that. We couldn’t possibly struggle more. Or could we?

11 Signs That You’re a High School Junior

1. Pickles and grapes are essentially all you eat.


Crunchy or gtfo.


2. You have enough supplies in the back of your car that could sustain you in the wilderness for months.

Don’t think I’m missing anything…


3. You’ve hit at least one of the poles in the BPL, either out of exhaustion or complete incompetence.



4. You either have no idea how to park or are far too lazy to try.


I just can’t. It’s too much.


5. You binge-watch puppy gifs at 2 am.





6. You’re somehow behind in literally every subject by at least a week, even though school hasn’t even been in session for a full quarter.


hopefully not this drastic, but still…


7. Social interactions are honestly just too much.

(s/o to Emily Porat)


8. It’s gotten to the point where, when you see someone you know, you immediately grab your phone and pretend to be texting to avoid any sort of interaction.



9. Coffee.


don’t even bother trying to communicate with me otherwise…


10. When someone brings up the SAT…


Regina gets it.

11. But honestly, deep down we know we’re going to be okay. And for the times that we feel like we won’t, there are always puppy gifs.


Here’s a link to start you off on your path to unadulterated happiness: