Artists of the Week: Classical Edition

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Emily Porat

The general consensus in regard to junior year is that it is the most stressful, challenging, and time-consuming of all the high school grade levels. As a junior myself, I have to agree–with 4 AP/honors classes, cross country, an after school job, and other extracurriculars, homework can sometimes be a struggle to get through in a timely manner, especially if I’d like to sleep for more than six hours. I’ve found that listening to piano covers and classical music while I study really helps me focus, so here are a few of my favorites.


1) Pachelbel Meets U2-Jon Schmidt

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This mashup of ‘Pachelbel Canon’ and U2’s ‘With or Without You’ exemplifies the use of combining classic with modern music to create magic.  There are quiet moments and intense moments, and at least three or four different instruments used–creativity at its finest.

2) Crystalize- Lindsey Stirling

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Complete with a music video set in an icy wonderland, this violin/dubstep tune is one of a kind, to say the least. Dramatic and dynamic, Stirling’s music is a fresh take on a classic instrument.


3) Bittersweet- Jim Brickman

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This (almost) purely piano song is true to its name–it’s dripping with melancholy sweetness. I find it to be especially applicable for weeping over the casualties of the Revolutionary War while I do USHAP notes.


4) Time to Say Goodbye-Emile Pandolfi

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This song has been done by many different people, and used in many different ways–in all honesty, I recognized it from the opening scene of Blades Of Glory. However, Pandolfi’s version is by far my favorite.


Keep in mind that classical music is not just for people over the age of 50. Happy studying!