Homecoming plans adapt to COVID-19 regulations


Photos by Katharine Tsang

Krithi Sundar

Homecoming 2021, the first significant all grades and in-person event since the pandemic, was hosted on Oct. 9 on the lacrosse field. Due to regulations set by the district and administration, many common Homecoming traditions were modified or scrapped altogether.

This year, students enjoyed activities such as taking photos at the photobooth and playing spikeball and cornhole. A dance floor was also installed over the grass field. 

According to sophomore Ashley Smith, a member of the dance committee in ASB, a request form had to be sent to the district in order to have the Homecoming dance, in regards to following COVID-19 regulations.

“The dance had to be outside, no negotiations,” said junior Toki Morimoto, the ASB vice president.

According to Morimoto, the goal was to reduce eating and drinking time, so masks could be on for the majority of the dance. Therefore, food and larger meals were not allowed to be sold at the dance. Instead, small snacks such as candy and popcorn were passed out for free.

“The food and drinks area was distant from the dance floor area where the crowd was more dense…this allowed for more social distancing and reduced COVID-19 risks,” Morimoto said.

The “moshing” issue had also continued to this year’s Homecoming. “Moshing” is known as dancing in a violent manner by jumping up and down and deliberately bumping into others. This prompted the music to be temporarily turned off as a consequence. In previous years, the lights had to be turned on in the gym to avoid this problem. 

The student body had concerns in response to the newly-set regulations.

Students were worried that because the dance was outside and masks were required, it would not be as fun, Morimoto said. However, after the dance, some students’ opinions changed. 

“I heard from [students] that it was actually nice to have the dance outside because it was more spacious and less stuffy compared to inside the gym,” Morimoto said.