Math Mission Club promotes free tutoring

Math Mission Club promotes free tutoring

Jackson Cummings

Middle school math can be a difficult subject to master—especially if a student doesn’t have reliable access to a tutor. Fortunately, Noah Issacson has risen to address this issue with the Math Mission Club.

The Math Mission Club’s mission rests on the sole cause of providing education to middle school students—free of charge. 

“There was a time in 7th grade when I was struggling with algebra, and fortunately, my parents could afford a tutor,” Noah Issacson, president and founder of the Math Mission Club, said. “When I pondered what it would be like to be someone who couldn’t afford the extra help, it drove me to take action.”

For anyone interested in joining, the process is simple, though includes a multitude of background checks. First and foremost, a potential member would have to show proof of academic credibility.

“In order to qualify as one of our tutors, one would need to pass at least Algebra I, though Algebra II or above is preferred,” Issacson said. “One would also have to pass our 20-question Algebra I proficiency test.”

It’s also worth mentioning that the club duties require an even-tempered mindset with children.

“Though it’s important to be able to teach math, it’s just as important to be cool-headed when working with kids,” Issacson said. “These are middle schoolers, after all.”

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With that being said, the club itself has run into issues from time to time because of the complications of lockdown. 

“Because of the coronavirus, we have to tutor over Zoom, instead of in-person. It makes teaching harder than it would be otherwise,” Issacson said. “Because of lockdown, running into issues with Wi-Fi and screen-sharing has become a commonality. Even with practicalities like showing work, we now have to point the camera down to do that.”

Notwithstanding these complications, the club continues to thrive as it pursues its steadfast ambitions, all for the sake of charitable public service, according to Issacson.

“Before the end of this year, each member should have around 10 hours worth of tutoring completed,” Issacson said. “We’re also working to gain more traction. Namely, we’re only cooperating with Blach Middle School as of yet, but we’re working to expand our scope.”