Construction begins on the 200 and 300 wing


Oracle Staff

A new construction project has gone underway in the 200 wing and 300 wing at the forefront of the construction of a larger student services building according to Assistant Principal Daniella Quiñones.

“I wanted to let you know we will be starting a smaller construction project that will do Seismic retrofitting to some of the 200-300 wing classrooms and 200 wing bathroom,” Quiñones said in an email to staff. “This work is needed in order to kick off the larger project constructing our Student Services Building.”

She added that all construction will take place over the summer, and the project will be complete before school reconvenes, in person or online, in August.

The project will be staged in the student parking lot.

This map of the construction work outlines which classrooms and areas will be affected. Photo courtesy of Daniella Quiñones.