Spring CCS Wrap Up


Emer Martinez

The following teams advanced to CCS during the spring sports season.

Varsity boys baseball

The varsity boys baseball team held a league record of 7-7 and became the first baseball team in Mountain View history to place first in CCS.
Photo courtesy of Easy Bay Group.

Varsity badminton

The badminton team had a league record of 8-4 and two players, Sarah Chen and Dean Tan, advanced to the CCS playoffs.
Photo courtesy of Emer Martinez.

Varsity gymnastics

The varsity gymnastics team advanced to CCS Championships.
Photo courtesy of MVHS ASB.

Varsity swim

The varsity swim team sent Lexi and Ally Rudolph, Malena Nguyen, Paige Gambetta, and Barrett Heritage to CCS finals. Girls swimming had a league record of 3-1 and boys swimming had a league record of 2-2.
Photo courtesy of Julia Wagner.

Varsity track

Photo courtesy of Neda Shahiar.

The track team sent Andrew Daetz to the CCS finals in Gilroy.

“All in all I really proud of how everyone competed this year nobody gave up. We competed really hard. There was great growth within the whole team, so I think with that growth is going to push everyone else to grow too,” Coach Scott Ishizaki said.

Varsity boys golf

The varsity boys golf team advanced to the CCS regionals and held a league record of 10-2.

“They all got better. I think during the golf season they practice a lot more than they do during other times of the year so they always see a lot of improvement,” Coach Jim McGuirk said.