VTA drops youth fare and releases new app among 2018 improvements


Claire Anderson

The Valley Transportation Authority started the new year by implementing several changes, including modifying their fare rates and offering new payment methods. The youth bus and light rail fare for single rides has dropped from $1.75 to $1, while the adult fare has increased from $2 to $2.25.

Sophomores Sarah Teng and Aminah Carrington regularly take the bus to school and said they appreciate the change.

“If you have to go a long way on the bus, it’s more reasonable [to pay $1],” Teng said.

While both students said that the change in price would be unlikely to affect their day-to-day lives, they noted the impact it could have on students and their families.

The EZFare app has over 1,000 downloads in the Google Play Store
The EZFare app has over 1,000 downloads in the Google Play Store

“I know that for other people, it would have been a struggle [if the price had increased],” Carrington said.

In addition, the launch of VTA’s EZfare mobile app allows riders to pay for their fare with their mobile device.

According to the VTA website, the EZfare app allows riders to pay for their tickets in advance, eliminating the need to bring cash to the bus. The app also allows riders to store multiple ticket purchases to eliminate extra hassle.

By purchasing a single ride ticket through the EZfare app or with a Clipper card, riders can get free transfers across buses and light rail for two hours.

Although neither student uses the EZfare app to pay for their bus fare because they have Clipper cards, they can still see why this would be helpful to other students.

“Teenagers are usually on their phones, so maybe it might help, but I’m sort of like an old lady when it comes to technology,” Carrington said.