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photo courtesy of Sarah Jung

South Korean students share immigration stories, views on unison of North and South Korea amidst nuclear threats

Leo Kajfez November 2, 2017

On her first day of first grade, senior Sarah Jung saw a classmate beaten by her teacher. Witnessing physical punishment like this was typical of her experience in the South Korean education system, she...

Price worked with Ecuadorian children to build huts for shade

Students pursue passions through summer internships, volunteer work abroad

Leo Kajfez August 18, 2017

Article by Leo Kajfez and Renee Remsberg Dog days are traditionally lazy, but for some seniors, summer was spent working on meaningful research and projects. Seniors Andrew Tong and Andrea Halsted conducted...

candle burning brightly

The different kinds of candles you’ll get for the holidays and what they say about you

Leo Kajfez December 12, 2016

  Citrus Candle This is an entry-level candle. Citrus-scented candles are the candle equivalent to a Bath & Body Works gift card. A citrus-scented candle’s last name would be “Smith,”...

Emily White reflects on MVHS experience and looks to the future

Emily White reflects on MVHS experience and looks to the future

Leo Kajfez May 10, 2016

“While using Type to Learn, I was obsessed with Miley Cyrus and made a profile based on her. So, I made an account and [my teacher] was like, ‘Who is this?’ Then, a bunch of other students begun...

How to plan a St. Patricks Day party

How to plan a St. Patrick’s Day party

Leo Kajfez March 16, 2016

Step #1: Collect four-leaf clovers Four-leaf clovers are instantly recognizable, fun, and organic symbols of everyone’s favorite holiday. Someone who doesn’t shower might say, “We could make some...

Memoirs of a MVHS zero period student

Memoirs of a MVHS zero period student

Leo Kajfez December 2, 2015

  6:00 I’m waking up, but I’m not getting out of bed for another ten minutes, and don’t even try to talk to me until I’ve had caffeine. 6:10 My morning aesthetic is pain and pastel. 6:15...

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