Word on the street: “Freshmen” moments

Word on the street: Freshmen moments

Sofia Biros

What “Freshman” moments have you had so far this school year?







“The rallies are so confusing, I couldn’t figure out where to sit and what to do.”
– Jason Greenberg (’16)

“Well…my sister’s boyfriend got thrown into a trashcan when he was a freshman. I’m so glad that hasn’t happened to me!”
– Anonymous

“Everyone is always calling me little and cute! I’m not little, and I’m not cute!”
– Kyle Petersen (’16)

“I walked into the girls’ bathroom.”
– Dean Trammell (’14)

“I don’t know my locker combination.”
– David McMullin (’15)

“I definitely still struggle to open my locker. I always leave binders and stuff in it and so I end up going to my locker like 20 times a day!”
– Kelsey Harrigan (’14)

“My freshman moments have consisted of running to my 0 period when I forget to print my homework, always being one class period off, and always thinking that its brunch after 1st (because of a 0-6).”
-Danielle Ignacio (’13)

“I had to run to class because I went out and we came back late!”
– Natalie Brown (’16)