Mountain View and Los Altos High School Mixer: MV-ELLA


Kelena Jue

The Youth Advisory Committee of Mountain View co-hosted their first high school mixer on Friday March 11 at The View Teen Center.  

YAC is a committee comprised of middle and high school students that represent Mountain View teens to advise City Council on youth and teen issues. This particular event was an indoor spin-off of Coachella.  Around 240 people attended.  

“YAC is doing MV-ELLA because we wanted to have an event where high schoolers from both Mountain View and Los Altos [can] come together,” Senior Ruby Ochoa, a YAC committee member, said.

This event took place from 7 to 10 p.m. Activities included dancing, a photo booth, flash tattoos, leather bracelet-making, and video games.  

“I really liked that there was a diverse group of people there,” Junior Alexa Jade De La Pena, an attendee of the mixer, said.  “I saw a lot of people from different schools…from freshmen to seniors.”         

YAC supports the Teen Center through sharing new program ideas and planning events and programs for local teens.

“We meet two [times] a month to represent the voices of teens in Mountain View,” Ochoa said.  “We are trying to find ways to unite teens.”

This year YAC has worked towards bringing teens in the Mountain View area together. They hosted a Teen Open Mic Night at Red Rock Cafe, in addition to the MV-ELLA High School Mixer.  

“We hope that people will enjoy it so we [can] have another event next year,” Ochoa said.  

YAC is looking into planning another Teen Open Mic Night in April, a few movie nights in the summer, and another mixer.