Up-and-coming Bands Playlist


Maya Jayaram

Between Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube, finding and streaming great music is not difficult.

Discovering unique new music to listen to can be a bit harder, but these four up-and-coming alternative rock bands, organized in no particular order, are essential to check out before they hit the top charts.  


Band: Finish Ticket

Listen To: Tranquilize

This local, electrifying indie pop-rock band provides an intense, yet relaxing sound like no other. Each and every song is filled with killer harmonies, beautifully written lyrics, and powerful, energetic vocals courtesy of Brendan Hoye, lead singer. The rhythmic feel to Finish Ticket’s music, as heard in the songs “Tranquilize” and “Bring The Rain,” is unique.


Band: Magic Man

Listen To: Paris

Magic Man utilizes guitar pedals, powerful harmonies, and echoing synthesizers to contribute very effectively to their exhilarating electronic-rock sound. Originally from Rhode Island, this band is well-known for their most popular song, “Paris,” a sultry, electronic ballad with an exceedingly catchy melody.


Band: Guantanamo Baywatch

Listen To: Barbacoa

Although their music is relatively unknown, Guantanamo Baywatch’s music is a fusion of surf-style garage rock with a slightly psychedelic undertone. Their song “Barbacoa” contains elements of 50’s rock-and-roll, while still maintaining a unique, modern sound.


Band: Bad Suns

Listen To: Cardiac Arrest

Originally from Southern California, this new alternative rock band blends echoing guitar pedals with catchy lyrics to form a distinct electronic sound. Consisting of members Christo Bowman (vocals), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Morris (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar), this band is definitely one to listen to as soon as possible.


Band: Vinyl Theatre

Listen To: Breaking Up My Bones

Vinyl Theatre, an indie-rock band from Wisconsin, has a very compelling and dynamic electronic sound, as well as lively vocals sung by lead singer Keegan Calmes. The keyboard and synthesizer, played by Chris Senner, additionally creates an individualistic, atmospheric vibe to Vinyl Theatre’s music. Their most popular song, “Breaking Up My Bones” is an energetic combination of all their well-known components.


Band: The Growlers

Listen To: One Million Lovers

Originally from Southern California, this band can be defined as psychedelic indie rock with a heavy use of synthesizer effects, in particular, reverb. Their song “One Million Lovers” is a blend of surf rock, classic rock, and country-folk elements. The band refers to its genre as “Beach Goth.”