Everything you need to know about finals week

Everything you need to know about finals week

Tiffanie Luther

You wake up on a bright Monday morning to the sweet sound of the birds chirping right outside your window. You take a deep breath and the scent of sweet pancakes wafts to your nose. Just as you’re about to slip on your favorite pair of pants, it suddenly hits you; today is the first day of finals. Fear not, for here are a list of tips that will help you survive this dreaded week.




1. Get a minimum 7 hours of sleep the night before your finals. This will ensure that you’re well rested and therefore able to focus better.




If not, you’ll end up looking like this


3. Don’t skip breakfast the morning of your finals. Make sure to eat something healthy in order to keep you energized and motivated while bubbling in that scantron.



4. Turn off your music while you study. Studies show that listening to music while trying to absorb information can hinder concentration. If you absolutely have to have some background music playing, make sure it’s something mellow without words such as classical or jazz.



5. While it may not be good for you, coffee will become your new best friend during finals.


As much as we hate to hear it, finals are rapidly approaching at Mountain View High School. For juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, each final class period is approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes long.

Finals Schedule: