Introducing next year’s ASB Cabinet


Emma Cahill

Associated Student Body election results for the 2019-20 school year were released on March 8. The Oracle interviewed the six newly-elected ASB Cabinet members to understand each elect’s intentions, qualifications, and hopes for the upcoming year.

Julia Bennett, President

ASB President Julia Bennett said she looks towards creating a stronger sense of community on campus by bringing the different grades together more frequently. Bennett said she aims to accomplish this through forming concrete plans that are more school-wide, such as more inclusive rallies, in order for more students to participate and different grades to interact.  Bennett’s qualifications include frequently volunteering through her church and at hospitals, where she learned to communicate with others from a leadership position. As a current member of the rally and spirit committee in ASB, Bennett has additionally gained experience as a leader through planning and managing school rallies. Bennett said she values openness and empathy and recognizes these as important aspects of an inclusive school community.

Paris Harrell, Vice President

Paris Harrell said she hopes to get more student voices involved in congressional meetings, including both the student body and the ASB class. She said she is looking forward to getting more second period representatives to attend the congressional meetings. Harrell said the Vice President now runs the meetings, allowing for a better and broader student voice on campus. Harrell’s qualifications include being the current ASB sophomore class president and current  head of public relations. In these positions, Harrell said she has gained experience with scheduling and organizing events and has overall developed her leadership skills. She additionally emphasized the passion she feels for being a part of student government and the importance of students’ voices on campus. Harrell said she values taking action and making change possible through being more conscientious and active during congressional meetings.

Erin Coyne, Secretary and Head of Public Relations

Erin Coyne said her intentions as Secretary and head of Public Relations are to make the school more inclusive by raising the awareness of events that are happening and to increase an overall tight-knit community. Coyne’s qualifications include being the current sophomore class secretary and treasurer, on the board of the Women’s Empowerment Club, and was involved in her middle school’s student government. Coyne said she hopes to overall promote inclusivity on campus and be a positive role model that students are able to rely on through her role as head of Public Relations.

Jackson Harnett, School Board Representative

As the School Board Representative, Jackson Harnett said he wants to take more student input about board activities and raise student involvement in working with the board on issues such as bell schedules and congressional races. Harnett said he values teamwork and communication between people and taking everyone’s input on a certain subject. He said he believes these values translate into his role as the future School Board Representative, as this role will require a lot of collaboration and working with others.. His qualifications include being a part of ASB for four years, a member of the community service committee, and a member of the activities committee. Harnett is also the current PTSA school council representative and said he has gained experience in facilitating coordination between the school council and groups on campus such as English Language Development and Advanced Via Individual Determination programs..

Nicole Albright, Treasurer

Nicole Albright said her intentions as treasurer are to establish a more organized system for clubs to get cash boxes and be able to better manage their budget. She said she looks forward to collaborating with clubs on campus and wants to make sure they’ll have a general knowledge of their budget, which would allow them to host more fundraisers. Albright said she values community and diversity, and through more fundraising clubs at MVHS would be able to celebrate the diversity within the different communities at MVHS. Her qualifications include being a part of her middle school’s student government and her experience with organizing different events related to club budgeting and fundraising.