Oracle Online officially launches – quality news awaits


Oracle Online is finally ready for launch!

I hope you guys enjoy the new website. There’s plenty of new quirks that you can find if you explore.

Shout-outs to the Oracle class of 2012-13! You can view the sponsors and class that made our paper possible in the “About” section at the top of this page. An awesome special thanks to News Editor Naib Mian and External Business Manager Kareena Hirani for supplying the filler text for testing our website: you guys are great!

Oh, and be sure you check out “Today’s Divination” if you’re ever in need of sound advice or knowledge.

If there’re any questions or concerns, or if you have an topic or article that you would like The Oracle to cover, don’t hesitate to use the “Contact Us” form to reach our staff.

Expect to start seeing breaking news rolling out soon.

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Charlie Wang
Charlie is just your average asian who routinely plays the piano and is engrossed in a diversity of strategy video games. Most of his journalistic writing consists of academic language and skewed statistics. He realized his potential as a member of Oracle's staff when he offered to promote the paper in a routine on MVTV which brought upon him great scrutiny by the public.

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