WOTS: What is Dead Week?


Dead Week, the week before final exams at MVHS, has begun, and so have the rumors for what it stands for. People tend to have different perspectives on the idea of a “dead week,” and by simply walking down the hallway, don’t be surprised if you overhear some of those rumors being voiced. We went around campus to ask what some students and staff had to say in response to the question: “What is Dead Week?” Here are the responses.



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John Phan, 12th grade “It’s supposed to be a week where students have reduced homework load and therefore they can spend that time more efficiently studying for finals. But in all four of my years being here at Mountain View, there’s never been a dead week that’s been a relief from all the workload. It’s always been a pretty stressful week. Even though we call it dead week, our two only dead days are pretty much the Monday and Tuesday before finals.”

Corinne Mitchner
Corinne is a senior and on her fourth and final year with the Oracle. She likes to dance both in her room and on the stage, compose high quality Snapchat content featuring her cat, and eat carbs.

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