Halloween Costumes 2016


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Gabrielle Viera                                            Shayla Tonge

img_2217 img_2215

Ashley Barrios and Spencer V                     Parker Jue and Ada Parnanen

img_2213 img_2212

Isabel Martynenko                                        Spencer V

img_2211 img_2197

Simran Mistry                                                Alex Wilbrahal

img_2206 img_2205

Christopher DeVincenzi                               Samantha Wray

img_2204 img_2203

Seungwoon Lee                                           Ms. Krauss

img_2202 img_2198

Kristin Cheung                                             Ms. Good


img_2193 img_2191

Lucas Baptista                                              Aiden Stein

img_2190 img_2188

Aidan Lansky                                                Lynae Deklerk

img_2187 img_2185

Elina Bahar and Brianna Lee                       Sebjia Haxhicani

img_2181 img_2179

Sarah Van Horne                                         Krish Gujral and Trevor Tonge

Elise Joshi
Elise, a freshman, is excited for her 1st year in Oracle. In her free time she loves to play tennis, sing, and spend time with her family and friends.

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