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Maya’s Mixtape: Atlantic Shore


About The Band: This up-and-coming indie pop-rock band from London, England consists of lead singer and guitarist Dan Noble, backing vocalist and bassist Will Tse, percussionist Ed Juniper, and guitarist Dan Sullivan. Noble, Tse, and Juniper met through school, and Sullivan joined a year after the band began producing music. Atlantic Shore’s debut single “Stay […]

Curious Quail: local band from San Jose

GAMH - Alan (Photo by Les Barrows)

With the increasing amount of popular music played on the radio, it’s easy to neglect the incredible music right in front of us. The music of Curious Quail, an award-winning local band from San Jose, has a unique blend of musical elements unlike any other. The band describes its music as “alternative rock with chiptune […]

Movie Review: Oldies’ all found on Netflix

Rounders (1998)

Spring Break came around and I decided to spend that time watching the best oldies that I could find on Netflix. So huddle around the TV, kick your feet up, grab your parents if you would like, and dig into some classics.   Laura (1944) Summary: Laura is a 40’s Academy-Award winning drama, where we […]

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