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Lexi Greenberg

Lexi is a second year Oracle member and a junior. She loves the editing process involved with putting together the paper but her artistic side is more inclined to collaging. She likes the musical artist, Ed Sheeran.

AP Environmental Science: The movement


    After a recount the day after 2000 election day, it was discovered that 1 vote does make a difference–George W. Bush won by a mere 2000 votes cast in his favor coming from a small town in South Florida.     Similarly to election results, the misconception that “one vote doesn’t make a difference” applies […]

AVID Tutoring Recruitment


Each January of the school year, approximately 75 lucky juniors receive letters on scroll letterhead informing them that they have been offered positions as AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) letterhead for their senior year. But it isn’t just luck involved–juniors receiving this opportunity have been nominated by teachers, current AVID tutor seniors, and have been […]

‘About Time’ movie review


This is the third movie Rachel McAdams has starred in as the wife of a time-traveler. After The Time Traveler’s Wife and Midnight in Paris, I expected About Time to be some combination of spin-off or sequel for both. But apart from the general device of time travel, About Time has its own unique story. […]

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