Articles By: Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson is a senior at MVHS and has spent three years on the Oracle. She likes expressing and exposing taboos or subjects people don’t normally talk about through journalism.

My Experience with a Pyramid Scheme


One day my friend and I expressed our search for jobs in casual conversation to a fellow MVHS student. For anonymity purposes, we’ll rename my friend “Tom” and our classmate “Clint.” Clint’s eyes lit up as he excitedly told us about a startup company he has been working for several months called Ariix. He showed […]

“Three Words, Eight Letters”

Loving Hands

In attempt to ward Mountain View High School couples from becoming just another Taylor Swift ballad, this article aims to discuss sophisticated theories drawing the difference between infatuation and genuine love, so that young adults may develop a higher wisdom about love as a whole.

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